How To Tie A Scarf

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In case that we’ve just got a new scarf and still have no idea how to do with it. It won’t be a bad idea to embellish your tops with something tender and delicate. Instead of putting on a bunch of jewelry and several coarse accessories on your neck, just tie a scarf around it to make a difference.

Have a look at those celebrities’ daily fashion and see how they can stand out from the crowd just with a tiny scarf around their necks. Now it’s your turn to come into prominence like any famous star. Find it out by following the tutorials described as below:

Let’s get started with “The Modern One Loop”. It’s said to be the simplest way to tie a scarf and by tying in this way, we can no longer worry if our outfit looks too old-fashioned because the scarf will help us to maintain a modern look. Check it out!

  • Put the scarf over the head and in the midst of your neck at first.
  • Keep putting the other end of the scarf around your neck for the final step.
  • If this loop seems too tight, it’ll be fine if we loosen it in the middle part.

Tie A Scarf Around To Make Difference

We can look more like the intellectual people if the scarf is made of naturally dyed silk. Try out a pinkish one to get a tender look, or a blazing orange to own a dynamic appearance.

Get bored with the modern style, and want to give it a shot at The Classic Drape? Forget about wearing a scarf just to get yourself warmed up, make it look more fashionable by letting the ends of the scarf have a free fall over your chest. It’s pretty simple to do it, find it out now:

  • Wind the scarf around your neck at first.
  • There’s no need to make any knot on it, all we do is to let two ends of the scarf hang down in front of your chest.

Note that this style doesn’t make a good choice if we want to keep warm in the frigid weather.

The Bunny Ear, another latest thing in fashion is undoubtedly a good pick for most modern women nowadays. This special style creates a fresh look with a pair of rabbit ears and becomes a key point for the whole garment without a doubt. How to make the bunny ears for your lovely scarf? Figure it out right now!

  • Firstly, folding the scarf in half or letting it be like before is your choice.
  • Then hang it around your neck, and elongate the other end of the scarf.
  • The longer end will be rolled around the neck, then let it through the winding.
  • As two ends both hang down, make a knot at last.

This style can make a good fit no matter in which the scarf is made.

These are the three first common styles of typing a scarf. Now, it is your turn to make your owns by following the clear instructions from the above video.

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